Timberline Locker Rental 2018-2019


PLEASE NOTE: This Order Page is ONLY for customers that have previously rented a Locker with Timberline and received a renewal e-mail.

If you have rented a locker from Timberline previously, you may make your 2018-2019 reservation here. 

In the Notes Section - please state your Locker Number from your previous rental.

Please select Summer or Winter or Annual Locker Rental.

Before using your locker, you MUST come to the Wy'East Store and complete the Locker Agreement.

If you have not rented a locker with Timberline before - you MUST call 503-272-3189 to check availability, and make the reservation with a credit card over the phone. Availability is not guaranteed. Currently, there is a waiting list, and you will be added to that.

For any questions, please call 503-272-3189.

Orders made that by guests that have not had a previous locker rental will be cancelled upon receipt and your credit card will not be charged.